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disc or a disc jockey interpreter (English: Disc jockey, DJ abbreviated, or sometimes "deejay") is someone who is skilled at selecting and playing sound recordings or music has been recorded previously. Generally, the recording media used is a disc or discmedia, and for skill in playing the disc to make the profession known as disc jockeys, orbetter known as disjoki (spelling in English disc jockey). Now the term refers not only to the skill set the song / music in the disc medium, but also in other media forms.

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Use healthier menstrual products. Menstrual flow itself does not smell bad, but bacteria within menstrual flow can cause odor. Some menstrual products improve conditions for bacteria and contain chemicals that effect healthy bacterial levels, so choosing healthier options can lessen odor as well as keep your vagina healthy. Try cloth pads which are chemical-free and allow genitals to 'breathe' so keeping you dryer and cooler lessening bacterial growth and odor. Try menstrual cups or softcups, these do not allow for excessive bacterial growth as with tampons, they're chemical-free, ensure menstrual flow isn't exposed to air and allow vaginal self-cleaning.

Avoid scented pads or tampons. Chemicals within commercial tampons and pads can effect vaginal pH in turn effecting balance of 'good' and 'bad' bacteria within the vagina so can increase odor as well as increase risk of infections and TSS. The 'scent' can add hundreds of additional chemicals within tampons and pads, the scent is not enough to prevent vaginal smell and may make it worse - also think, if tampons are supposed to keep flow within your body to avoid smell, then why do they need to be scented? It's a marketing ploy and nothing else. If using disposables switch to all cotton tampons or pads which are free from synthetics such as rayon, chemicals and bleach, all which can negatively effect vaginal health and can increase bacterial growth so in turn cause more odor.

Avoid using wet wipes or baby wipes. It is very tempting to use these to feel more 'fresh', however these can effect vaginal pH the same as any other product containing chemicals, even if claiming to be 'pH balanced' they can never match your individual pH, particularly not as this changes throughout your cycle. It should also be noted that antibacterial products will kill off healthy bacteria as well as harmful bacteria, so in the long-term can cause odor and infections. If you want to feel more 'fresh' try taking bottled water into the bathroom or wetten toilet paper to clean yourself.

Clean hands well You should always clean hands, but be sure to wash hands well before and after using the bathroom using soap and water, vaginal odor can cling to hands so also try using an antibacterial gel or nice scented hand cream after washing your hands to get rid of all odor.

Carry an extra pair of undies. Tampons and pads both need to be changed every 4-6 hours, and menstrual cups and softcups every 12 hours, but sometimes we forget and tampons and pads often leak, so better to be prepared. Carry spare underwear with you to change into if you need to, rather than sitting around all day in underwear soaked in menstrual flow.

Be Confident. Your vagina smells, that's right, a healthy vagina will smell musky but clean, it changes as your menstrual cycle changes but a healthy vagina should never smell bad. Many women are concerned about odor when there is really nothing to be worried about, you smell your genitals because they are literally under your nose, as long as you're hygienic then others cannot smell you.